SuperBot X | GenAI Agent

By integrating LLMs and utilizing advanced natural language processing capabilities, we offer safer and more accurate responses than regular bots. This enhancement in service efficiency directly addresses operational challenges such as staff shortages and high turnover rates, making conversation the optimal solution for customer service issues.

Fully leveraging the capabilities of LLMs (OpenAI GPT-3.5 /GPT-4 Turbo & Anthropic Claude 3), we provide intelligent translation, tone adjustment, error correction, smart emojis, content enrichment, and text simplification functionalities for chat content.

Backed by the most advanced GenAI technology, our system not only understands human language but also responds to customer queries swiftly and accurately without compromising response speed or quality. This enhances the efficiency of customer service case handling and reduces the burden of manual processing.

Multi-Channel Customer Service

Integrate LINE, Messenger, Instagram, web-based chatbot Live Chat, and WhatsApp to reply to all customer messages from a single platform.

Centralized Management of Customer Data

A single interface for centralized management of customer data, facilitating quick access and modification of personal details. Additionally, with tag management and targeted audience segmentation capabilities, it effectively manages customer information, allowing for easy identification of specific customer groups and precise customer relationship maintenance.

Open API for Integrate with Existing Enterprise System

There is no need for manual synchronization of customer data. With Open API integration to existing CRM/CDP/E-Commerce systems, customer data is automatically updated, facilitating a consistent customer experience across different communication channels.

Marketing Automation: Easily Achieve Customer Conversion at Every Stage

At each stage of the customer journey, timely push valuable conversational marketing messages based on their behaviors for further real-time interaction. Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person for optimal conversational marketing effectiveness!

Marketing Automation not only saves time and effort but also enhances marketing effectiveness and conversion rates, fostering closer relationships with customers.

Get Insights From All Conversational Data

By integrating customer service data from various social platforms, you can get intelligent and efficient multi-channel customer service management, enhancing customer satisfaction.

A dashboard provides deeper insights into customer needs, trends, and behavior patterns, assisting businesses in making informed decisions, thus providing a greater competitive edge and added commercial value.